What would excellence be without leather work? We therefore offer you our custom leather services, to embellish your motorbike preparation! Our creations are made with premium full grain leather to guarantee a beautiful finish and excellent durability. From badges to saddles, almost everything is possible at CreativGarage. So make your bike reflect your personality!

Tailor-made upholstery

Our workshop offers its know-how, which allows us to imagine and manufacture saddles made to measure according to your desires. Our concern for high standards and a job well done means that we pay particular attention to the positioning of your seams, the tension of your leather and the precision of your assemblies.

We will ask you to send us your original saddle so that we can make the desired improvements and modifications! This means that you will not have a saddle. No worries! Once we receive your saddle at the workshop, we take 24 hours to fit it and send it back to you (depending on the saddles in stock, please contact us for availability).

Selle sur mesure en cuir premium pour BMW Nine T